Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stopping my Overthinking with some Linking

Today was a rotten day. The most rotten of rotten days. Not the "I overslept" or "my car wouldn't start" kind of day. Not even an "I ate half a pan of shortbread and didn't even care" kind of day (even though I DID and don't really care). My day's drama started yesterday afternoon and it seems to be never ending and the sadness it engenders is pooling up like flood waters at my feet. And my heart feels like a it's tight in the grasp of some unseen, unknown cruelty. Yeah, I can't even really talk about it. I will. I think I need to write about this, but not today. Today's only real remedy will be closing the door on it and starting again tomorrow, with the same shadow, sure, but maybe a bit more light. We'll see.

What has been making my evening tolerable...

Candice Stringham's photography blog, Aperture 1.4 is quickly becoming a favorite. This post is what clinched it for me. She speaka my language.

Things like this Red Riding Hood keyhook at the Three Potato Four shop. Actually everything at Three Potato Four. Especially these finger puppets and this typewriter. And they have a blog too.
I've been seduced. It's crazy costly. I have a horrible habit of subscribing to magazines and then not reading them. But this is only FOUR issues a year... it's basically like buying a beautiful book. I would love to just get one issue and see what I think. The Spring 2009, due out in April, is their first issue. Here's a link to a promo video about it. See if it seduces you too....

I love this paper doll tee shirt sweater. I could never make it and I probably don't have the bod for that style anyway.... but it's soooooo cute. Needled is my new knitting blog love. It's written by Kate Davies and her recent "Jubilee Bees" post made me think of my long-lost friend Emma... I wondered if she'd ever indulged in such adorableness in the name of the Queen.

Now, folks who read me more than once have probably figured out that I've been on a cuckoo clock craze this year and I think I'm not the only one. You can buy one here. Wow.

This is a crazy concept and one I hope starts to catch on. It's an anti-social social, specifically in an event in March in Montreal, but still. Holy crap. This is completely what I would love to do. Go somewhere with my knitting, book, sketchbook, laptop, and simply "be" in the presence of others while doing my own thing... you know being social and anti-social all at the same time. I learned about this event via this Drawn post.

I love this sort of thing and this is just the sort of thing I need to quit buying because then I collect things I really ought to just toss. Right now my ticket stubs from beloved concerts and the like are hanging on a little ribbon styled bulletin board that my Gram made me years ago. Maybe it's time to move them into a more permanent storage via Chronicle Books own Ticket Stub Diary. It's on my universal wish list!

I just discovered the Winnipeg Folk Festival (which I love but haven't been to in AGES) artists' line up includes Neko Case... I may have to make it this year... now if they only had First Aid Kit it would be kismet!

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