Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Organization --Step Five to Five Hundred!

As I write this it's actually April 7th & I have been out of the blogosphere for nearly two weeks. This includes my beloved Google Reader now listing at 884 unread posts and which normally never has more than 25 unread posts despite my current subscription list of 109 subscriptions!

It's not that I've had nothing to say, as I sometimes feel. I've just started using every waking second to plot and plan when I wasn't organizing, buying supplies, returning supplies, investigating, pricing options, sorting, cleaning, and actually DREAMING about all of this too. I didn't quit even in my sleep.

I am the sort of nut job who moved into her dorm at college and couldn't sleep the first night until every last thing was in its place and it took me awhile to compress a life into a tiny space in a way I could live with. And that was a tiny space. It turns out that it's actually a bit more difficult the more stuff you have. I will say, If I didn't have this pesky thing called a job, I could have been done ages ago. It's been the task of juggling my relationships with my work with my obsession over getting this apartment back in shape.

I had to make a mess to get things right and once the place was torn apart I couldn't suddenly quit. Not if I wanted to remain sane!

In order to recapture some of the "fun" I'm going to fill in some posts I was mentally writing all along and bring things up to date here in Superpower land.


1 comment:

A Kauldher Among Three Cloves said...

Oh my!! You did some crazy work... We won't even recognize your place! Can't wait to see you. :)


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