Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bird by Bird.

Last week's snow day has done little to weaken my thirst for spring. I changed out my festive red flowers from the welcome basket on my door and with some of my extra spring sprigs, I decided to freshen the top of the china hutch too. Bring on the spring, O nature, bird by bird.


wide open spaces said...

loving that last line: bring on the spring, O nature, bird by bird.

did you come up with that or are you quoting? really beautiful.

Carm said...

Thank you.

I guess I came up with it... almost.

Bird by Bird is the title of a wonderful book on writing by Anne Lamott. Of course, she uses the phrase in an entirely different way, in her book. Still I would say I owe the alliterative phrase to her and I just refashioned it to my own purpose. I love the return of life to our wintery, frozen world and birds are a happy sign that it's underway.

Thanks for visiting!


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