Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Which, I Pretend I have a Clue about Bookshelves

This was one of the four or five "mock ups" I did envisioning boards and bricks. I knew I wanted some taller shelves at least 14 inches high. I didn't need every shelf that way and so I sort of dreamt of having some shorter shelves to allow me to get an "extra" one in there for the same height. My idea here was to use pretty red brick paving stones and the cinder blocks that were 8" tall and long but 4" wide (not sure if that's right)--the ones with the sort of flower-like design on them. the combination of those stones could provide attractive color and proper height.

I checked on these supplies at Menards, Lowes, Hebron Brick Company, and Lumber Mart. Menards had the best prices on the oak finish press boards ($7.49 for the 6 foot board), but I wasn't sure on the bricks. I just really needed to SEE the board and the bricks together to get an idea if I really wanted to buy 16 6' boards (approx $120.00 before tax) and about a million bricks (price???) to haul up three flights of stairs. I estimated that I couldn't do this for less than $150.00 and that made me very sad. Still, I kept trying believing this was the only affordable option to provide enough shelves for the plan in my mind.

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