Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow Day -- a Personal Day for FREE!

This past week has been rather nutso. I attended a funeral on Monday and had the rest of the day free. I ended up just spending some time with family after and wasn't really on fire to work on my fix-up-my-home project.

Tuesday I was caught up in the bookshelf frenzy, trying to research prices on boards and bricks since nothing else seemed to be affordable. Bookshelves were either tall and narrow which meant I needed a lot of them to do the space I had in mind or they were short and well, I already have a bunch like that. I estimated that I'd spend between $500 and $1000 to make full use of the space by buying bookshelves (many of which I'd still have to put together myself!).

The trouble with the boards and bricks option is that they are STILL expensive. The boards were either 4', 6' or 8' and they were the proper depth but I would need to brace even a 6' board in the middle too and my wall was 7 1/2 feet so I would have an extra bit of space even if I matched up a side wall shelf with it using up 12 inches of that space. I was estimating needing a lot of everything boards and bricks to make things work.

In the midst of all the bookshelf mania I was really trying to deal with my stuff... I was swimming in stuff. And I considered taking a personal day to just try to get things done, errands run etc. Then God decided to bless us with a blizzard and so today I got my wish... a snow day.

I got tons and tons and tons of things done. I bet I cleared out enough recycling (boxes and magazines and paper etc) to fill all four containers out by our dumpster. I threw nearly as much away sadly and donated an entire backseat full of randomness: clothing, VHS media shelf and so forth. I sorted my VHS, my cassette tapes, I moved my record player to the landing, put away my winter stuff despite the storm, stashed my video tapes in clear tubs and moved them to the closet. I sorted my entire storage area and managed to create a nice laundry set up that is MUCH more user friendly than before. (sorry no before pics) but here is a sampling of that space in its "done" form and you can see my bedding and my VHS tapes have found new homes. Yikes. no one person should have this much stuff. :(

My to do list pictured in for Wordless Wednesday is for tomorrow! Whew. It never ends.

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