Sunday, March 22, 2009

Organization --Step Four

Today I made some real progress on the craft room disaster. However, I've discovered that to move one thing necessitates I move another thing. My apartment is like a giant puzzle. I've decided I cannot have the bedding in the hallway anymore so I started making a space in the storage closet behind my kitchen. Much of the space I'm carving out involves crafty stuff like my stamping supplies (haven't done that in a million years), my scrapbook supplies (ditto), my writing portfolio and filled journals, blank journals, a tub of gift bags, tissue paper, and packing materials, gifts I've got at the ready, and everything else from sea shells to jingle bells. All of those things can go into the new craft space when I have a clue where to put it or how it will be arranged. For now I'm just moving those items to the hallway.

I bought a couple rectangular card tables and I'm hoping these will work. I'm still undecided. I've got them in place and I'm trying to figure out the big furniture layout. It just doesn't look right, but I think part of that is the lack of shelves and pictures on the walls. I also need to come up with some better lighting options. There is some real potential here. I'm just trying to find it without breaking the bank.

I'll update with pictures as soon as I've committed to a layout. This is exciting.

Is it a sign of nerdish when I am this pumped about an organized home?

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E. Louise said...

I think we need a 'before' shot.


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