Monday, March 02, 2009

Achingly Sweet Treats

I am consumed with desire for desserts. I have never been a cake person, but Baked Expectations in Winnipeg convinced me that not all cakes are equal and I am pretty sure I had a cake similar to this and tasted my first bit of heaven. MMmmm...

On my trip to Ireland, Ang and I got to sample snippets of shortbread on the airplane and I've indulged in some store bought varieties when the craving hits ever since.

Now, with these few recipes I'm ready to try my own. The tough part is deciding where to begin. I am still on a quest for a taste-alike recipe to match the cream cheese cupcake frosting of my dreams, but I may move on to other tasty treats in the meantime.

Fourteen-layer cake via Bakerella

1 comment:

MamaMarci said...

Between you and Sara D. my diet has been sabatoged - enough with the delicious looking sweets.

OK - maybe it's not really the fault of the two of you but a girl has to blame someone


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