Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crazy Good Stuff Out There. More Luscious Linkage.

Snails and slugs.
These are from the Mochimochi Blog
You can download the pattern there for free!

Yep. That's MOSS growing in that ring.
I really think I need this. You can buy them here.

This pic? Inspiration.
This is a little handmade deal from the Lucky Beans blog.
They remind me of the Fisher Price "Little People."
I love the pirate with his eye patch.

I'd love to watch this 25 minute short
based on a book by Oliver Jeffers.
It looks delightful.
You can view more movie stills here.

Color your own wallpaper.

Sew your own pads? OR buy them here.

Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks?
Check out Kate Sutton's amazing rendition.
Or her bandages for that matter.
Here's a link to her blog.

I found this cute lil hat through Whip Up.
An invaluable source for all things crafty.
Here's the knitting pattern.
I really want to make this!

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