Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Click-Clack Couch

In the midst of bookshelf mania here on the Superpowered blog I forgot to mention that my couch was delivered on Saturday and I love it. I'd managed to get the living room completely clean and vacuumed and empty waiting on Saturday and they delivered it in the morning just as my sister Ashley was leaving after offering her consulting services! Ahhh yes, my apartment has seen a whirlwind of helpers peddling advice that I have been desperately seeking.

Marci talked me into keeping a $19.00 Walmart end table and I think that was a good decision. It looks lovely.

In the past I've tossed a blanket/comforter over the back of the couch for quick cozy access... but I decided that didn't go with the look of this couch... even Lucy noticed. When she saw it, she remarked, "How modern!" I solved this problem by repurposing a black metal magazine rack to hold the blanket beside the couch. These are the most significant changes to my living room, other than me moving the record player to the book nook and moving in my exercise gear from the craft room.

And here are the two more possible configurations... I can lower one half on either side to form an L shaped seating area. Or I can lower both sides to make a spare bed!

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