Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Of Couches and Bookshelves and Messes, Oh My!

The Mess
Emma asked for "before pictures." Well, this is from 2004 when I first moved in. Before the week is out it will look like this and worse. And this is just ONE room. Try a mess like this that spans the apartment. Sheesh.

The Couch
Since my couch is being delivered on Saturday, I made the call to have my current one picked up by the thrift store. I was really doubting ANYONE would want it and yet the furniture store was pretty sure that this was the best way to deal with it and that St. Vincent's could just make that call. It turns out they only pick up on Mondays and Wednesdays. I didn't really want to wait until next Monday so I set the wheels in motion to get it picked up tomorrow. Only I had to figure out how to let them in to our security building when I am at work and I mentioned the words, "third floor" to the thrift store lady and she said... "Oh, we don't haul from upper floors. You'd need to be able to get that down the stairs for us." Hmmmmm... Well, there's just me. So I tried. At 5 pm today. I managed to get the couch out of my apartment and to the top of the stairs alone and rather than risk my life I decided the loud neighbors below me might be useful and I went a-knocking.

A few minutes later they were helping me haul the couch down three flights and into the entryway where the mailboxes were. I had a sign printed out to explain to other tenants WHY there was a couch sitting in our entry. You see, I had to work at 6 pm tonight until 9 pm. I couldn't very well be hauling furniture at 9 pm, plus it might be harder to find a helper. I have to work on Wednesday at 8 am and I frequently leave at 5:30 am for the gym and so I couldn't move it then. I did not put all that on the note, but you get the idea.

As my neighbor and his friend were helping me they asked me a few questions that amounted to expressing an interest in owning this couch that I was ready to throw in the bin. I guess, Mr. Plays His Music Loudly's friend who was helping was without couch and figured this was better than the floor and it was the right price. FREE. So I told him take it, take it... I would call the thrift store and so it worked out well for everyone. I think. Now I regret that I didn't take the extra time to try to vacuum the cushions a little better. How embarrassing. For the next four days I have an empty space of carpet on which to sit in front of the TV, if I manage to sit at all in my spare time here at home.

The Bookshelves
I am currently embroiled in a quest for the mother of all bookshelves for the back wall in my little (former) office nook. I am slowly working out the details (most likely bricks and boards) and hopefully by this time next week it will all be complete.

This is the view from the living room before walking up three steps and turning left, thus entering the "office nook" area--soon to be all-out book haven. Not sure if I am going to dismantle this blonde bookshelf completely; it mainly holds my picture books. The photo is from several years ago and now the shelves are a little heavier and the entire thing is leaning precariously away from the wall.

On the landing, entering the office nook. The trio of bookshelves hold my precious books from my childhood and young adult years. I keep accumulating and now I have at least two more shelves worth sort of stacked here and there on and around the shelves

The back wall is where I was planning to fashion a bookshelf. The office space has very recently been moved to the craft room. That computer is long gone and I have a laptop now (old picture). In these pictures, you can see only some of my many bookshelves.

The measurement for that wall is 90 inches and my ceilings are a little more than 10 feet high. So I would have to use a 6 foot board (72") for my shelving and build as high as I dare (6 feet for sure, 7 if I can). My idea is to do an L shaped bookshelf using 6 foot boards and bricks. One shelf system for the back wall and another for the wall on the right. I am such a visual and tactile person lacking in spatial understanding I think I will need to actually set up the wood and bricks to figure out if my idea will even work. THIS is the task at hand.


Janet Spaeth said...

Hmmmm. Carm, I think you've got your place decorated in books! You ever think of being a librarian? (G)

Carm said...

It's funny you should say that...

I wanted to get a Masters in Library Science or whatever it's called these days but UND didn't offer it (nor did I want to do it all online) so I opted for Reading Specialist.

But I recently wrote
a post about a Sarah Stewart picture book that reminds me of me.

And when I was a young girl I bought library cards and fitted out all my books with the cards and used paperclips instead of the pockets. I still find them from time to time in my old books. I was such a sweet little nerd. I love mini me. I just shake my head to think what the other 4th graders thought when I'd tote a box of books to school in case folks wanted to borrow them.

Yes, it seems that may be my calling. Someday.

Linda said...

Wow, that's a lot of books!

Sarah Stewart's book is one that all of us in library school were sure to have. Of course, my (personal) copy is wrapped in the library plastic. Don't think I put cards & pockets in, though. I do have some extras if you ever need them, though!

Carm said...

Lots of books... Hmmmm... you have no idea! They've all mated and had babies since those photos were taken. And I'm going to blog again soon. I have a few posts started. Been busy, busy, busy.


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