Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top O' the Morning to You!

These images were created by Ashley and Dre just for me. I was hoping I could make sweet little shrinky dink ornaments for my tree but the shrinky dink paper I bought was NOT cooperative. It was white and seemed to be shiny on both sides. In the past when I've printed to overheads they've had one side that was grainy so the color would stick to it. I am sad to say that not only could my fingers accidentally wipe the color from the sheet prior to baking, once it was in the over shrinking the colors just pooled up and lost all semblance of anything. Very sad. I pretty much had to toss it all. But I still had these cheerful images. I particularly love the happy little shamrocks and the slightly mesmerizing kitty with the top hat. Actually the anamorphic coins make me laugh too.

I compromised and simply cut these out on cardstock and used needle and thread to create a way to hang them on my little tree, now decked out for St. Patrick's Day. I'm sure this holiday tree thing is starting to become a little "dorky" but I have to say, it cracks me up. I'm only sad I missed President's Day, but it was just too close to Valentine's Day.

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