Monday, February 23, 2009

Cupcake O' My Heart

the last cupcake

A little over a week ago I special ordered a dozen cupcakes from Dakota Harvest Bakery in an effort to relive the magic of the dreamy cupcake I ate last November 14th at the RRVWP Writing Retreat. I would have settled for one, but week after week I came up empty handed at the bakery and finally decided to special order them since they must only make this variety for catering. It's a simple cupcake with tinted cream cheese frosting. But the frosting is unlike any I've had before.

I will say that this time round, the cupcake portion was a wee bit dry... like corn bread muffin dry. Of course, that was especially true by the time I ate the final cupcake... but they started that way when I got them on Monday. The cheesecake frosting was divine, however.

I am certain I don't need to do this again or if I do I may try to find a way to split the order with a friend or two so I can avoid the daily cupcake temptation. There is no need for cupcakes with breakfast.

The irony? I hate cake. I'm not a fan of any cake, really. And certainly not of cupcakes, or muffins for that matter. I don't like frosting, which is a big part of it, I'm sure. Yet, in a moment of impulse last November, my life was changed forever. You think I'm being dramatic? You haven't tasted the cupcake.

On Saturday, I tried to come up with my own version of the magic cupcake. I found a recipe online. It claimed to be "the last cream cheese frosting recipe you'll ever need." I used a cake mix for the cupcakes, which turned out far moister and more delicious than the expensive ones. The frosting recipe, however, failed me. It looked pretty. (I tinted it green... ye olde shamrock day is approaching.) I tasted like any other kind of frosting with merely a hint of cream cheese. It felt overly sweet. I wish I could find out the ingredients for the recipe from the Bakery... at least then I'd be in the ballpark when trying to reconstruct it.

The quest is not over. That recipe is my holy grail.

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