Friday, November 21, 2008

Working it Out.

Well, I've finally reached a point at which I'm so fed up with my inability to exercise at home that I broke down and got a gym membership. About 5 years ago I was going to the gym daily and working out before school. I was much, much healthier than I am now. At least when it came to physical exercise. I have grown increasingly sedentary over the past 5 years (and it might have something to do with this darn computer!). My efforts in eating better have improved. My awareness of calories and carbohydrates and cholesterol has improved, but I'm still at my all-time highest weight. I guess it has something to do with the magic number of 35. As in my age. I've been told it will not get easier and so if I want to reclaim my slimmer self and start fitting into my clothing again I have to start sometime. Why not now? Or heck, how about last night?

I joined the UND Wellness Center yesterday and even worked out after my evening class ended at 9 pm. I'm excited to actually start doing something. I was going great with the great 30 Day Shred DVD until school started. Now, maybe with my new out-of-home workout system in place I'll be more motivated to do a few workouts AT home too... on DVD or the elliptical, perhaps? My goal is to burn 475 calories a day, approximately.

This morning I worked out at 6:30 am on the treadmill and on the elliptical for about 45 minutes and still only managed to burn 275 calories (according to the equipment). Of course I am slow and out of shape and perhaps as I get stronger these goals will all be achieved with much greater ease? I may return for a second workout this evening to try some different equipment... or just do my own elliptical at home while I watch some of the DVRed copies of last night's TV line-up.

Next week I'd hoped to be lifting weights too, but the intern who does the orientation for weights is only available from 4-8 one day next week... Tuesday. When I have to teach my night class. So I guess I have to wait until Wed. Dec. 3rd instead. 13 days AFTER joining the gym. That's just messed up. I should get a discount or a refund or free locker rental for a month or something. I can't believe I have to wait that long. I could do it on Tues. between 4-6 but he already has a 4 pm scheduled. Figures.

I guess I'll try out some of the group exercise classes.... like yoga, wake up and cycle, Zoomba or some kind of classic step aerobics. It should be interesting.

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