Saturday, November 22, 2008

Google Reader Goodness

I've got my sidebar blogs listed for my own reading pleasure. I have my routine blogs I check daily. There are other crafty ones that I look at less frequently and I'm always pleased when I do and I discover some amazing little gem or a tutorial or a new artist or what-have-you.

Today in my wanderings I discovered a trail that led me back to my Google reader. I tried to use this once upon a time, but I found that I didn't enjoy reading people's blogs in that format and it never occurred to me that there could be more to this whole thing.

Today, I learned that one can add a subscribe button to your internet browser toolbar so anytime I find a blog I like and want to revisit I can simply add it to my Google reader instead of adding it to my sea of unorganized bookmarks.

Also I can add a "next button" to my toolbar so instead of even going to my "Google reader" for updates I can click "next" and it will bring me to any fresh pages from the blogs I subscribe to in my Google reader. I decided to add in only my crafting and art blogs since there are so many of them and it's easy to keep going back to a few key ones and neglecting other good ones. The best part? I can see them in their full blog pages rather than in the limited viewing the Google reader page offers.

I am now totally immersed in crafty goodness and here are a few of the happy things I found today.

Crazy knitting and crocheted items:

Safety cones -- why I'm not sure?
But they are kind of funny.

Apple cozy. I've seen these before, usually for sale.
This site has a tutorial. I would love to try it!

Your classic winged heart tattoo softie
You can download a free pattern here.

Use a recycled glove to make a chipmunk softie.
Tutorial here.

Stuff I'd like to buy:

Available at Velocity

Yep, a gnome finger puppet.
Available here on Etsy.

These recipes I'd like to try:

Pavlova is my favorite dessert at my favorite dessert stop
--Baked Expectations in Winnipeg, MB
Here's a recipe, I found.
The image looks different than the pavlova in Canada,
but it's likely just as tasty.

Here are Emily Martin's macaroons.
She's been on a mission to make her own.
She found what appears to be the best recipe and
has some tips on her blog
. My mouth waters just looking at them.
And then there's nostalgia:

Woo Hoo for The Ginghams: The Backward Picnic

On Wee Wonderfuls' blog I saw a post on paper dolls, in particular a kind of paper dolls called The Ginghams. That reminded me of a Little Golden Book I loved and probably still have somewhere on the shelf. I thought it might be the same series. It doesn't seem to be. Yet, I was filled with a gushy kind of warm feeling anyway.

Funky clothing:

a cardigan I couldn't wear, but admire anyway.
From Anthropologie, though they appear to be sold out.

Why these items? The actually remind me of one another.
And I love the sort of bunchy, not terribly symmetrical button thingy going on.

This super cool skirt, I'd wear this for sure.
I found this skirt and this blog all in the same day.
Be sure to check out Uniform Studio

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