Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sign Language.

Friday night, after things closed down at the writing retreat guest house, I headed off to create signs with my sister and her friends. Even her new little poochie was offering her help. Isn't that sweet? Just 18 hours after joining the family, she was already volunteering her sign making services for equal rights!

Ashley and Katie sporting their signs.

Me with mine.

I love the bluebirds of equality.

Approximately 85 people showed up throughout the 3 hour protest that started outside city hall at 12:30 on Saturday and then moved to the town square for greater visibility. The mood was optimistic and a terrific positive vibe just radiated from this group of people passionate about civil rights. This was my first protest and I was thrilled my baby sister and friends were eager to be a part of this. It was part of a nationwide effort.

People asked why were doing this protest here in ND where Prop 8 had no specific impact. Yet, to ignore the implications and impact it did have is foolish. I think my sign actually explains it well. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." This is not an issue that should have even gone to a vote in California. It's a civil rights issue. It's about equality for all people. This isn't a religious issue and to try to argue it with that rationale is madness. A church may do or decide what it will within its doors; they have every right to deny or denounce what they feel is not in line with their doctrinal beliefs. I may not agree with that, but I can respect that. However, laws in our country are completely separate and should be. Our government cannot be subject to the doctrinal beliefs of a particular religion. This is about the law. This is about rights of US citizens. This is about all people being treated with dignity and equality.


Nancy Devine said...

love the dog making a sign.
i should have had my dogs help me.

Anonymous said...

Well said! I am glad that you were there to protest!



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