Friday, November 07, 2008

It's My Friday and I'll Cry if I Want To.

Today the concept of justice weighed heavily on me. Enough to move me to tears. I find that I wear my emotions close to the surface and tears are pre-made in the factory of me, ready to spill in joy or sorrow. I am sure I needed the release but I actually found I was unable to control it and that felt embarrassing as I ended up crying in front of my boss as I explained to him my concerns. They were tears of righteous anger. Of frustration that reached the boiling point and I was spilling over. There are times when I feel that people take too much crap ... allow too much wrong to be done without proper protest because it's easier, because it doesn't "rock the boat" but today I'd had enough. I'm sure that will soon pass and I'll be like everyone else ready to endure, let it go, move on, follow the adage of "time will tell." But I'm not sure that is better. I am not sure that it's right. Maybe more people need to speak up.

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