Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Should I?

Am I losing my mind? It's possible. There is a darling 8 month old male purebred Yorkie for sale on our school sale site. He's clearly adorable. And he's likely to be potty trained. And he's had his shots and is neutered. He comes with books, bed, leash, treats and plenty of love (I added the last part). What should I do?


E. Louise said...

Assuming he doesn't really have green possessed eyes, then there's really no doubt in my mind.
You know what they said in '28 days' (if that's the one with Sandra Bullock in rehab, not the futuristic plague one): if you can keep a plant alive for 2 years you can have a pet. If you can keep a pet alive for 2 years you're ready for a relationship :)

Carm said...

yeah, the eyes are a bit freaky! :) I am nervously waiting a return phone call about el poocho. I guess I have a few questions for the owners and all that. Awwww heck. They probably already sold him anyway. Maybe I should have a baby instead? :)

Ashi said...

I think a pet would be REALLY good for you personally. Thing is you're going to have to make a little more time at home for the sweet little thing, looks like you're set with everything he comes with, shots, and he's fixed! All the super pricey stuff has been handled for you.

Plus your little sister can dog sit any time, haha.

I think this might be a good thing for you, but that's just my personal opinion. People who one pets tend to have lower blood pressure/stress levels, and all around are naturally healthier. We can even take the dogs for walks together or to the park sometime.

In the end it really is up to you, good luck with whatever you decide! C:

Carm said...

Hmmmm... I am going to look at him at 5:45. This is serious. Thanks for the health tips, sis. Do you want to write the doctor's note so I can get permission to have a dog in my apt? :)


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