Saturday, November 08, 2008

Carmyn's Consumer Reports.

On Friday I had three generous glasses of this yummy wine at Dave and Marci's scavenger hunt party. I am happy to report no headache on Saturday. And did I mention it was yummy?

Lately, I've been a coffee addict. Usually I wait until I am at work before I indulge in that first cup. During my babysitting stint with days beginning at 5:30 am, I just couldn't wait. However, I also didn't have a spill proof travel mug. The first one I bought didn't fit my cup holder and when tipped even a little it spilled down the sides of the mug. This sucker can be totally upside down and that coffee is not going anywhere. Its turbo tight seal is amazing AND it fits nicely in my car. Woo hoo! It's worth the $20 price tag at Target or Amazon, I guess.

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