Saturday, November 15, 2008


My writing space

I find that in the whirlwind of my typical days which turn so quickly to weeks, I have little or no time for writing. I have a storehouse of ideas and rarely have time or patience to truly dig in and do anything with them. This month, I pledged to write a poem a day in honor of all the other writers who are happily writing their crappy novel as a part of NaNoWriMo. Even that simple goal has gone unmet, though after this weekend I'm getting closer.

Friday night and Saturday I retreated from "life," at least as much as one is able, and I took part in a RRVWP writing retreat with 7 others. It was heavenly to just have a space and place and time to work. Three participants stayed at the guest house and the rest of us, who live locally, returned home to sleep. Each person worked on a different kind of writing; Some on young adult books, some on professional writing, on a NaNoWriMo novel, poetry, childhood memoir, and essays.

We had a sharing time on Saturday before we left and it was wonderful to get a glimpse into the writing and progress of others. To be fair, Linda's piece on a childhood story was the most polished of anyone's writing at our sharing time, but it was so wonderful I wish I had a copy. I think she's really got something there. A natural story telling gene, perhaps. Rather than a short narrative essay, I think she's got one chapter in a wonderful book. I'd buy it!

And that's not all. We were treated to delicious food from Dakota Harvest Bakery who catered the event with yummy soups, salads, breads, fruit, and pastries. Considering I am not a fan of cake I am amazed at how their lilac-colored cream cheese-frosted cupcakes are dominating my thoughts. If I was ever interested in losing weight or being healthy I would say this retreat did little toward that effort. I probably consumed a stick of butter yesterday and possibly a small loaf of bread. And now I'm dreaming of cupcakes. Sigh.

I had a wonderful time and would do it again in a heartbeat. I am afraid to praise it too highly for fear the next time the RRVWP hosts a retreat, they won't have room for me!


rachelzana said...

Oh. I. am. so. jealous!

I think the RRVWP needs a Duluth branch. (yes, I know there's a writing project in the Cities, but I avoid that place.

Pattie said...

I felt so blessed to be included! I cranked out a LOT of writing.

Carm said...

Pattie, you were a typing machine!!! I could hear you next to me going a million miles an hour. It was encouraging. I'm glad you could be part of it. I wish we could have heard you share a bit in the "author's chair." Next time, eh?


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