Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fruit Stripes?

I found this pattern in Scarf Style and decided to give it a go. The colors are Hudson Bay Blanket inspired... sort of. I went with a deep blue instead of the black stripe and I wish I had gone with an off white, but I realized my mistake after knitting two rows and I wasn't about to change gears.

Now at the halfway point, I think it's turning out well and I'd consider doing another scarf this way. Instead of casting on the width of the scarf and knitting to the desired length, you cast on the length of the scarf on circular needles and then knit the other way. This way I can knit vertical stripes, which are pretty cool too!


I finished the scarf in less time than expected. It turns out the pattern is for a 10" wide scarf and I'm not crazy about wide scarves and so I edited the pattern which was supposed to a repeat of the red, yellow, green, and blue and then red once more with white between each stripe. It started out as a Hudson Bay blanket inspired scarf, but I really do think it is more of a Fruit Stripes bubble gum scarf.... This one was fun and I have lots of yarn leftover. I might have to make another one!


E. Louise said...

I just finished my third christmas gift scarf crocheted lengthwise like this - I like the long stripes, I think it folds better around the neck, and there's a lot fewer ends to sew in at the end. Plus if you use mega chunky wool it takes an evening.

Carm said...

Hmmm... well, this is several evenings so far and I'm only half done. I guess I'm not the speed knitter I'd like to be. My goal is to finish this by the end of the week and start the scarf/shrug I posted about a few weeks ago.

Angela said...

Looks very nice Carmyn! I want to know how to knit.

Carm said...

Ang! How fun to hear from you. Rebekah and I were knitting on Sunday. She's learning too. Maybe if you get up to Sioux Falls you two can be knitting buddies!


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