Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wax On, Wax Off.

This week's merry adventure has been with leg waxing... done at home. Yikes. In my not so recent past I used to actually indulge in things like massages, pilates classes, and leg waxing. I haven't done any of those things in ages.

I got the idea to possibly start waxing my legs at home way back in March when Marci's pal Bernadette told the girls about how she did that using a professional wax set up.

Years and years ago I thought I might try that and I bought several varieties of wax to try to do this. I even remember my sister Lori being part of the whole affair. Since I'm not typically bothered by the waxing process... high pain threshhold or my nerves in my legs are dead, I was never too concerned with the idea of going through with it. But to experience even mild pain AND to not have the darn stuff work was a real issue. The stuff you buy at Target was just never good enough. And not cheap either. I'd had my legs waxed often enough to know what to do and I'd always just wished I had the real stuff.. the kind the professionals use. It turns out that's not all that hard to come by.

After a sampling of the waxing process at Michelle's I set off to buy my own wax warmer kit complete with muslin strips, an instructional DVD, all purpose wax, applicators, paper collars for the warmer, wax off oil to remove the wax residue from my hands and legs when I don't get it all off the first time, and cooling gel. Sheesh. I know. I know. It sounds like a lot. I actually got a pretty good deal and some of those items were "extras" that I figured out it would be good to have.

Michelle was kind enough to let me borrow her warmer and wax and strips while mine was on backorder. And I'm pleased to say that it was pretty successful. I have to work on my technique some, and I did manage to bruise myself in three spots, but the hair is gone and I feel great.


E. Louise said...

How about your amazonian underarms? :)
The issue I had with leg waxing wasn't the waxing as such but if you don't do it just right you break them instead of pulling them out and then you can get ingrown hairs (nasty).

Carm said...

amazonian, eh?

I waxed under my arms once about 5 years ago, that was enough for me.

I haven't had the ingrown hair thing. That seems to happen more with shaving for me. I find waxing to be the thing that prevents all the rashes, unkind bumps, razor burn and provides the maintenance free lifestyle (hence the underarm hair)I crave. Of course, the leg hair stuff is just too much for me, so I must do something.. I know it's a bit inconsistent. But I am allowed to be, I think.


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