Monday, July 21, 2008

One Day You're In, The Next Day You're Out

Project Runway Season Five begins. I loved Kelli's dress-- the winning designer--created with vacuum bags (dyed and bleached to look like fabulous fabric) and coffee filters and thumb tacks and bits of a spiral notebook. It was the grocery store challenge and it was great. Too many tablecloths. Not that much innovation. I felt they were a bit harsh on Jerry, the kid who got kicked off. Daniel's plastic cup dress was cool and I thought that the garbage bag lady, Stella, should have been ejected or maybe the kid who is obsessed with tanning, Blayne. His was awful. Still I'm glad that Stella didn't go because she seems intriguing. I think the idea of designing for Joan Jett and Blondie is appealing and I'm curious to see what she can do... you know when given more than grocery store supplies. It's too soon for favorites though. I'll let you know after next week!

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