Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Masters of Guitar Concert Series

After seeing Wilco a few months ago I was determined to take in every concert opportunity before me. Of course we all have good intentions. Thankfully, I had an opportunity to join my friend Rebekah this Sunday at the Empire for a John Doyle concert. Doyle is an Irish acoustic guitarist and having recently been on my Pogues kick I was all over that. Of course the style is quite different but I've always been a fan of the acoustic guitar and Doyle's playing was inspirational. Heck I am inspired just watching him TUNE his guitar... something I've never been very good at. I was pleased to hear him sing songs I knew... "Willie Taylor" (I own a version by Uncle Earl) and "Wild Mountain Thyme." I particularly enjoyed the songs, "The Apprentice Boy," "My Darling" (or something like that I didn't catch the name) and "The Newry Highwayman."

It was a lovely evening and I'll be looking for more in this concert series.

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