Friday, July 25, 2008

Can You Guess What Films I Saw This Week?

After a couple recent trips to the theatre I am now eager to check out these films:

Righteous Kill
" Most people respect the badge. Everybody respects the gun." Al Pacino, Robert Deniro--do I need to say more? This one is out in September. Can't wait. Here's the trailer.

Terminator Salvation
Since this is due out May 2009, I have an excuse to watch the three Terminators again and the time to do it in. You can watch a trailer here.

Flash of Genius
Greg Kinnear plays a man who takes on the automobile industry after they steal his windshield wiper idea. It looks like a family, inspirational, justice pic. I like those. Here's the trailer.

Last week, Chris and I discussed graphic novels he's read and loved and this one was mentioned. I have to get my hands on the Sandman series too. I'll be reading Watchmen this summer and planning to see the film in 2009. Here's the official site.

Ghost Town
I tend to dislike movies with angels and ghosts. There is no rational reason for this. Yet, I seem to keep watching them, waiting for that opinion to change. Here's a new one to test out. I thought that Ricky Gervais seemed really great in the trailer.

Okay, okay... I saw Mamma Mia (how could I resist you?) and The Dark Knight.

Obviously The Dark Knight was the superior film, but I enjoyed Mamma Mia, as well. I was a bit unsure on the casting of MM. The Meryl Streep generation seemed a bit TOO aged to be playing 40-45 year olds. If I'd never seen the stage production of the musical I am sure I would have been satisfied but I noticed when they left out songs (Thank You for the Music, Under Attack, One of Us, The Name of the Game and so forth) and I felt my comparison impulses kicking in. I agreed with Pam when she said it was a bit hysterical or too frantic for her at times. Yet, Amanda Seyfried (Sophie) did an incredible job and stole the show with her voice. (Colin Firth was as cute as ever... gotta love him)

The Dark Knight was terrific. Wonderfully done. Violent though and sad. It was remarkably long and as Emma said on her blog it could have ended a couple times earlier but I was satisfied with the ending they chose and felt it really drew it all together. (I haven't read this graphic novel yet, either. I may need to take some time to do that!) Anyone who has seen the trailer for this film already knew that Heath Ledger was going to be brilliant. I am confirming that suspicion. The delight for me was that EVERYONE in the film was perfectly cast and did an incredible job.

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E. Louise said...

I agree with Pam - hysterical is a good word, and I agree with you that the ladies were a little too 'mature'.
Do you know, I now (to the amusement of my companions) write the preview I see down in a little book when I'm at the theater. I don't know if you did that - seems like I remember you did - but I know you're an equally big fan of that part of going to the movies.


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