Friday, July 11, 2008

Double Wide Fun.

It's Thursday night and it's time to head for a wood-paneled, fake-rock-skirted, knick-knack decorated trailer park home deep in the heart of Armadillo Acres in Starke, Florida where you'll find more "drama" than you ever expected to find "this side of the tracks." Narrated by a trio of unforgettable characters, Betty, Pickles, and Lin (short for Linoleum cause that's where her mama had her), this musical centers around a married couple, Jeannie and Norbert with a pair of problems: she's agoraphobic ever since their son was kidnapped, and he's planning a rendezvous (we're told that's "French for fucking") with a stripper named Pippi who's on the run from her crazy ex-boyfriend, Duke. It has all the makings of Larry King Live and there's even a dream sequence that takes us down that road. The dialogue is a hoot, the lyrics are terrific and tonight the acting and singing was superb! My favorite song was "Flushed Down the Pipes," though it's hard to pick just one. Each had quality lyrics like "Just like clothes from Wal-Mart, my love life's falling apart/And it cuts like a Ginsu knife lodged in my heart."..... "I gotta make like a nail... and press on." You just can't beat that. With only seven characters, it's a small cast performing to a small but packed theatre, in a two act, 90 minute performance that was BIG from Betty's hair to the audience's laughter.

There's an encore performance Friday night. Go and see this show. 8 pm. $15.00 ($5.00 discount if you dress like white trash.) That's me doing my best with my concert tee shirt and tight shorts with high heels. I forgot my press on tattoo and cigarettes. Oh well.

Lin's husband is in prison, Pickles has a hysterical pregnancy
and Betty is the proud owner of Amardillo Acres
ever since her husband kicked the bucket.

The Dream Sequence (note Jeannie passed out in the background)
featuring Norbert and Pippi on "The Great American TV show"

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