Sunday, July 20, 2008

She Likes to Play Games

For ages now, I've been lobbying for some good old fashioned game nights. Finally I got my wish. And Ang will understand this joy in this... it wasn't something I had to plan and host. I was invited. Yay. Because El Roco trivia just isn't enough for a Saturday night Chris and Lynee invited some friends over for games. We played the "All American Version" of Trivial Pursuit. It seemed easier or more interesting than the 20th Century Version I have here at home.
I brought over the classic word game, Password--a past Christmas day family favorite. This one was a bit tougher but the ladies were victorious. We'd been discussing the game earlier in the evening because of a Betty White reference and I recalled watching her as a celebrity partner on the new game show "Million Dollar Password" or whatever it's called. It was intense and fun to watch. I would want Betty White for a partner any day. Though she always looks a bit freaked out.

Finally we played another trivia game called "The 80s Game" and I discovered how much I do NOT know about the 80s. Perhaps I was just too young and too engrossed in my Anne of Green Gables books to really absorb it all. Who knows?

At any rate, I hope we repeat this event soon and next time Pam brings over Balderdash. A game I truly love. Or maybe we'll play Tripoly. Or just plain old pinochle. I could really see this turning into something.


E. Louise said...

The 80's? But wait, were you even born in the 80's?

Lori said...

I love Password - and Balderdash is a long-standing family favorite! Another fun game Jason and I recently "discovered" is Malarkey. Kind of like Balderdash, but a little more on-the-spot thinking. Game nights are the best! :-)


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