Thursday, July 03, 2008

This Ain't Your Grandma's Embroidery!

A few years ago my mom gave me some towels her aunt made. At first I saved them, because they were hand embroidered and seemed special. Then I decided that was dumb and that I should "live for today" and that included using special towels ... after all, what exactly am I saving them for. So now, I use my little puppy towels regularly and some are starting to get stained and worn out and I've thought about making some flour sack embroidered towels of my own. Which brings me to this:

A couple years ago I saw this book in a store in Minneapolis and I resisted the urge to splurge because I was deep into my knitting phase and wasn't ready to branch out into a new needlecraft. Now I am. I was reminded of this book and its wonderful embroidery kits when Emily Martin released a new embroidery pattern through Sublime Stitching and I decided to take the plunge and get the book.

I figure I can start with this and if I have to have more patterns I can order some of the individual kits that feature such great patterns in iron on transfer format, like these:

I expect mine will not be nearly this good. I don't really know how to embroider so I need to learn that first. Stay tuned.


Sara said...

I just ordered two patterns. I can't wait. I am going to start working on some for my holiday presents. Thanks for the link.

Carm said...

Yay! I'm so glad. They are just so fun.


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