Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cozy, Colorful, Crocheted.

Could it be that I've found one more craft I am just dying to do? I know I can crochet a little tiny bit and I have a great book teaching it. Is it possible for me to learn enough to create one of these? I am in love. The stripes, the ripples, the candy colors. It looks tricky, expensive, and as the one site suggests--neverending. But oh, how I want to start.

This yummy blanket is from the "No End in Sight Ripple Along"

Posie Gets Cozy made this wonderful blanket.


E. Louise said...

That's a cool blanket.
You could totally make this.
Funnily enough I crochet and was thinking of taking up knitting. Want to trade?

Carm said...

Yes, let's. I have some good books for explaining some basic knitting stuff. You should see if your library has any of them. I'll give you some references in an email. Of course, my own knitting is fairly basic too. I have some crochet books but I might have some questions once I actually begin.

E. Louise said...

I'm in the middle of a blanket for my bro and sis in law. It's just a giant granny square but I change colours every round so it's a similar effect. GREAT colours from a Vanna White range they carry at Michaels.


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