Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mmmmmm.... music.

After a busy day of babysitting and later book club and then trivia, I stopped at my mom's to survey the garage sale situation for tomorrow. I still had two boxes of stuff to price and bring back to her place but she mentioned that my uncle brought over several boxes of record albums. I was intrigued. With hosting trivia often on my mind I'm always on the look out for new music... even if it's really OLD new-to-me music. I discovered that if I wanted any music by The Four Freshmen, he certainly had a lot of that. In fact, I wish they had a record player set up there in the garage because I might have given them a listen. I was shocked at all the musical goodness waiting for me in the boxes. And the album covers were delightful. It was almost worth the price JUST for the cool ass covers (I didn't go crazy for those like I wanted to, but I did buy a few albums for my collection). At 25 cents an album, who could resist a few or twenty and so I loaded up on a few I knew I wanted like Bruce Springsteen Born to Run and Carole King Tapestry. One of my all time favorite albums is Rumors by Fleetwood Mac and I only own it on CD so I had to buy it. And so it goes. I walked away with a stack of known and unknowns that were calling my name.

Then back home, I immediately threw my "new" Olivia Newton John on the record player while I marked my goods. It was decent, but not going to replace my favorite LP by her--Let Me Be There. Then I got all giddy for Grace with Jefferson Starship. I do not own ANY of this incarnation of the band. I have Jefferson Airplane and Starship but nothing in between and I love them in any decade really. I'm going to be listening to records all week.

Is it crazy to go back for more tomorrow? I really am loving on these.

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