Thursday, July 10, 2008


My Berry Banana Smoothie

I an a notorious blender breaker. Not sure what it is, me or the blenders. I've been through two of my own and one of my brother's. My mom found one at a thrift store that she insisted "worked great." I'm not sure how she knew this. Did she whip up a milkshake right at the store or try it out when she got home or simply trust the salesclerk at St. Vincent De Paul's? At any rate, today was the first day I used this little beauty. It's all old fashioned looking and has a glass blending jar. At first it seemed as if the blender was not doing anything with it's puny looking blades and then after I stopped it and stirred just a bit a wonderful thing happened. A perfectly blended smoothie emerged. It's an Osterizer miracle.

P.S. The yogurt was Stonyfield Farms Plain Fat Free Yogurt... yummy and healthy!

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