Saturday, January 31, 2009

Devilish Delight.

That is the look in my eyes.

I'm not sure what we were up to, but it looks like some sort of dress-up play. That's my brother beneath the layers and me with an alarmingly bad haircut lurking behind him clutching what appears to be an Easter basket and my Baby Beans doll.

I'm sure some are thinking this post is on the wrong blog, because it's a wayback pic, but something about it felt right here in Superpowerland.

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rachelzana said...

I had that baby doll! I'm telling you, we had ALL of the same toys! It's ridiculous! This baby doll I remember in particular because there are pictures of me just days after my first birthday opening up this doll as a present from my Uncle at Christmas time. It was actually before Christmas time, and I wasn't really supposed to be opening the present, but that shiny paper was so alluring, and I had a twinkle in my eye (I knew I wasn't supposed to be opening it) and no one bothered to stop me from tearing off the paper.


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