Tuesday, January 13, 2009

God Bless the Library.

I stopped to get ONE book at the library -- The Ghost in Love by Jonathan Carroll and came home with a tote bag full! I just couldn't resist.

I stumbled upon a book of six word memoirs that I saw featured on a blog not all that long ago. I couldn't resist seeing what people would write!

I enjoyed the first Sisters Grimm book and so when I saw the second one on the shelf in the kids section I had to have it.

Likewise, I loved Sharon Creech's book Love That Dog. It's written in verse and features an unlikely poet who finds his way into poetry throughout the course of the book. Now it's a new school year and Jack is back in Hate That Cat.

I've been seeing movie trailers for Coraline and I've always been curious about Gaiman's books. I decided I ought to read this one before the film hits our theaters and I'm tempted to just see the movie.

Zombie Blondes and Paper Towns are young adult novels. Paper Towns is by John Green who comes highly recommended and Zombie Blondes is too irresistible of a title to pass up.

Snoop--What Your Stuff Says About You is a nonfiction read that sounds interesting.


Linda said...

I love the six-word memoirs. So telling in so few words. (See how that was six?)

My 7-year-old just finished The Tale of Despereaux; let me know if you want to compare notes with him. :-) Any ideas in what I can guide him to next? I'm trying Tales of Beedle the Bard to see if I can hook him on Harry Potter and keep him busy for longer than an hour per book.

Janet Spaeth said...

I love this post!

Carm said...

Linda, has your seven year old read The Invention of Hugo Cabret? I LOVED it.

Not long ago I read Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (it's like Harry Potter only the main character isn't a wizard, but a demi-god. The four books in the series so far are chock full of Greek mythology allusions. It could be good way to expose young ones to Greek myth. I know a few 10 year olds who really like that series.

Janet -- Why am I not surprised! :) I think your library lovin's pretty obvious!


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