Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yeah, I'm a Screamer.

Today Tommy and I decided to go sledding. Apparently I cannot go down a hill without letting out a bloodcurdling scream. It was terrifying. Heck, I am just glad I wasn't swearing!

For about two hours we enjoyed the "balmy" 27 degree January weather trekking up and down the dike at Lincoln Park... Let's just say we were not alone on that hill and there was at least one collision and tongue-biting, bloody incident that involved some quick thinking and emergency knitting to fashion a make shift ice pack using fresh snow and a triangular shaped dish cloth. Relax, no children in my immediate care were injured. (He was a younger brother of a friend of Tom's who happened to also be sledding) Still, it was a little heart-rending to see a sweet little first grader sniffling and patiently taking swigs from my water bottle and swishing and spitting blood from his mouth and then calmly applying my ice pack to his cut tongue. Little David was very brave.

The decision to go sledding came after our matinee showing of Paul Blart Mall Cop. That was not my first choice for a film, but one Tommy really wanted to see. It was exactly what it looked like. No surprises. It was predictable and full of mild humor and low key action. Not my kind of film, but I was pleased to see it wasn't full of innuendo and fart jokes like I thought it might be.

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