Monday, September 07, 2009

Pico de Gallo

3 medium tomatoes (firm to the touch)
1 medium sweet yellow onion
1 green onion with the stalk (optional -- I skipped it because I didn't have one)
3 jalapenos or serrano peppers
1/2 cilantro bush (equal to about 1/2 cup or more chopped)
1 pinch of salt (or pinch per tomato, if you prefer)

Dice the tomatoes and the onions into little cubes, the cilantro and jalapeno should be finely chopped. Then toss the ingredients together evenly.

Optional: You can add a bit of fresh lemon or lime juice if you're going to serve it on fajita tacos or with seafood, I like to eat mine as a kind of "fresh chunky salsa" and serve it with chips so I like a bit of lemon juice in mine. Scoops are a great chip to use with this if you are doing the chip/dip option.

I've made this recipe plenty of times before and it's a little different every time. However, this time I used tomatoes, jalapenos, and onions from my garden. Yay!

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