Tuesday, September 08, 2009

(500) Days of Summer

Well, I took your suggestion, Sara! It didn't take much convincing. I have been eager to see this film ever since I saw the first trailer of it. I love Zooey Deshchanel and her taste and her style and her voice and so I was convinced it had to be good and I was right.

500 Days of Summer is not your typical film which typically means I'll love it! The film is quirky in its style of delivery and it also has loads of good music and fun film allusions.

Summer moves to LA from Michigan, (Deschanel) takes a job at a greeting card company where Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is languishing, putting off the true effort of pursuing a career as an architect. It starts out as a "boy meets girl" film but quickly becomes something so much better. The chronological structure of the film bounces between days following rejection and the first few days of their budding relationship. The chronology could be a bit confusing, but it doesn't really matter. One of my favorite stylistic bits is the expectations/reality sequence that shows a split screen and that with one little scene shows so much about how people's perspectives can vary.

The brother/sister bond between Tom and his soccer playing little sis is very Phoebe/Holden Caulfield and she actually ends up offering rather sound advice. Also, I love Summer's hair! THAT was what I was thinking when I was considering bangs.

Here's the official site and Ebert's review (4 stars, he liked it too!)


Sara said...

I knew you would like this movie.

Carm said...

:) You were right!


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