Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My Family Can't Afford to Wait


Anonymous said...

First, the video you have posted on your blog was produced by one of the most disgusting PAC's ever created. It's biggest contributor, George Sorros, belives in legalizing gay marriage and euthanasia, and making abortion more available. He funds groups that claim they are Catholics for choice.
--He also wants to legalize illegal drugs, or at least reduce the penalties. Soros believes crack cocaine dealers are victims because powder cocaine sellers receive shorter prisoner sentences. They are typically white, while crack users are black, he says. Some of his other nutjob ideas are:

-- Give felons the right to vote and end the death penalty.

-- New rights for illegal aliens.

-- An end to U.S. global supremacy.
His most disgusting display of idiocity is his public statements comparing former President Bush to Hitler. So anything coming from this far leftist PAC should mean something to you, unless you just post anything on your blog that pulls on your little heartstrings.
Here are the facts on Obamacare:
The Quality of Care will be horrible. Look at any govt. run health care system now and you will find a substandard health care.
WE will pay more, no matter what this Liar in Chief says. His plan calls for 1 trillion dollars over ten years, the only way to raise this type of money is to raise taxes on everybody.
His lie about not having to change health insurances is a joke. He is calling for mandating health coverage,and not just any insurance but insurance that includes all the benefits government thinks you should have. That insurance could be more expensive or include benefits that people don't want or are morally opposed to, such as abortion services. Plus, the president supports the creation of a government insurance program that would compete with private insurance. But because this ultimately would be subsidized by American taxpayers, the government plan could keep its premiums artificially low or offer extra benefit.

In the end, millions of Americans would be forced out of the insurance they have today and into the government plan. Businesses, in particular, would have every incentive to dump their private plan and change to the Govt. run health plan.
But you Miss Liberal,dosn't want to look at facts I suppose, you would rather foloow your Chairman Barak Hussein Obama into the new revolution that is slowly changing this country into a Socialist, de- moralized society.

Carm said...

You might want to think of just posting your blog posts on your own blog? No?


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