Sunday, September 27, 2009

Love Happens

After a twitter based debate over the price of matinees at River Cinema Theatre my sister and I just decided to SEE a film in the afternoon to settle this once and for all. There were a number of choices and we opted for the "romantic comedy" option, though I think it could be better labeled "romantic tragedy." I cried A LOT during this film. It had a lot do with loss and grieving and working through that. It's the premise of the film, really. So I'm not sure why I missed that. I guess I just saw Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart looking lovey and I got confused. In the film, Eckhart's character Burke Ryan's wife died three years earlier and he's written a best selling book about how he's moved on. Only, he hasn't. His agent books him for a workshop/presentation in Seattle where the accident happened and he is suddenly being forced to deal with it all head on. Jennifer Aniston's quirky word-loving character Eloise, runs a flower shop and their paths converge one day at his hotel when he catches her in the act of vandalism by graffiti.

The film is still enjoyable, even more so if you need a good cry. Not the best, not the worst. You might want to stick with this one as a rental.

By the way, I was right. Matinees are $4.50 as opposed to their evening prices of $6.50. Ashley was confused because the last film she saw had a $2.00 surcharge because it was 3D.


E. Louise said...

I cry enough as it is.
Are you going to write about new shows on tv? Seems like your kind of topic and I'd be interested in your verdict. FWIW, I liked The Good Wife, and Modern Family made me laugh out loud. The jury's still out on FlashForward.

Carm said...

I'm still trying to WATCH everything. Being an early-to-bedder makes it hard to squeeze in a viewing of all the new shows -- no worries, I've DVRed a bunch of them.

E. Louise said...

Yeah I have the benefit of digital tv so I can watch them on east coast providers at a reasonable hour.


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