Thursday, July 02, 2009

Two Crazy Cool Crafts for Kids

I love doll houses and I didn't have one as a child. That's fine, I survived, but I'm always intrigued when I see versions of them online. Here's a sort of minimalist one-a Constantine dollhouse, that actually costs a pretty penny ($150) and a homemade version by Elsie Marley that has endless possibility. Check out all the pictures of Elsie's here. I am determined to make one of these. It reminds me of Phoebe's dollhouse on Friends. And I am sure I'm not alone in saying I LOVED that one!

Another fun craft to try out... this one is more for the kiddos.

Shower Curtain Play Mat at Filth Wizardry via Whip Up

Using a dollar store shower curtain liner, this mom taped it to the floor and took directions from her kiddos as to where the roads should go. To expedite the process she taped two Sharpies to a plastic bottle so both lines would be drawn evenly spaced. Click on the Filth Wizardry link to learn more and to see more pics. She got the idea from My Little Gems and those pics are worth checking out, too.

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