Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can you believe this Cucumber?

It's amazing what a week can do. It rained so much off an on this week and nothing seemed near to harvest that I neglected to visit my garden daily like I've done so often. My mom made a couple trips out that way but didn't mention that I might want to come and pick that one cucumber...
Here she is a week after I took this picture. Yikes.

My first harvest -- lettuce ready to be spun and devoured.

I planted a Burpee Summerlong Gourmet Mix with features "six tasty varieties." The package reads: "A delicious blend of green and red lettuces includes 20% Four Seasons and Lollo Rossa, 15% each Buttercrunch, Craquerelle du Midi, Black Seeded Simpson, and Salad Bowl."

Raspberries picked in my mom's backyard. This year we ran into a big of a snag. Apparently their border collie likes to rub up against the bushes and bits of his long black hair gets caught on some branches and some berries. We weren't sure if that was the cause of the hair, or if it was more a problem of the wind redistributing some of his hair after backyard brushing. Either way, I have discovered more black fuzzy hairs in my berries and yogurt than I care to even think about. Since then, I've been vigilant about defuzzing the backyard berries before washing them. I've picked and eaten raspberries three times since this unfortunate discovery and it's getting better all the time. Raspberries are too good to let a little dog hair removal stand in the way, as much as that might disgust my readers. On the upside, I don't dare SHARE the raspberries lest I gross someone out with the hairy berries... so that means, more for me!

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