Thursday, July 09, 2009

Globe-y Goodness.

My Uncle Errol dropped by a few days ago with a belated birthday gift. A trio of goodies that made my day. I'd mentioned I was all about the globes lately, one day when he was admiring my studio space. When he saw a couple for sale at a local thrift shop, he knew they'd be the perfect gift. And he was right!

A few years ago when I was writing articles for the Red River Women Today, I wrote and an article on Great Dinners.

Great Dinners is one of the Empire Art's Center's fundraisers. Every 12-18 months a Great Dinners event is held at 10 different host homes all on one night--each host couple serves anywhere between 6-12 guests. The end of the evening activity is a Great Desserts party at the Empire and all the hosts and guests gather to discuss their meals and the experience. Everyone who's done it raves about the experience. Maybe next time around I'll get to be a part of it, instead of just writing about it!

When I was working on the article, I remember perusing the cookbook from the first event. I didn't buy one at the time, and truthfully I probably wouldn't be daring enough to try many of the meals described in the book. However, Errol remembered my article and figured I might like a copy of the cookbook--also a thrifted treasure. I am always touched when friends and family "pay attention" and gift accordingly. It's so meaningful and kind.

The white rack is meant for magazines or books. Something I found in mom's garage. I figure I can use this fixture in my classroom or somewhere in my house. I'm a big believer in books as art! The blanket? A remnant of my babyhood. Just another little something I need to find a way to display.

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