Thursday, July 09, 2009

I Love Lucy.

Yesterday I had some help in my garden. When I stopped by to see if she was willing to do a bit of weeding, I discovered Lucy with a recipe clutched in her hand, wandering the neighborhood looking for someone with some milk chocolate chips. We stopped at the store when her nearby sources failed to produce that final ingredient. Lucy created some no bake cookies-- a peanut buttery chocolatey delight. Mama Marci was on hand for the tricky bits, and I took pictures and shouted advice from the table. While the cookies were cooling we hit the garden.

It's likely that Lucy won't be so eager to help in the garden again, but she sure did a great job yesterday. I weeded the lettuce and spinach and she did the two rows of glads. I have about 6 rows left and then the garden will be officially grass free... for now!


rachelzana said...


Carm said...

They didn't have to go in the fridge, but they are easier to eat when they are "hardened." After we gardened for an hour they were ready and waiting for us! Yum.


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