Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Would Be in Your Bag?

This is so me.

This is a page out of a web comic, Tiny Kitten Teeth, created by a new favorite artist, Becky of Becky and Frank. According to their site, Tiny Kitten Teeth updates every weekday morning. The comic follows the slice-of-life adventures of Mewsli, a fish out of water in Owltown, a compact metropolis built around a particularly affluent arts college.

Becky, aka Pocketowl on Deviant Art, has the most fantastic style. It's very old-school vintage and yet entirely hip and modern. I love, love, love it.


Frank said...

Hey this is Frank, Becky is next to me! Thankyou SO MUCH! We are so glad you like the comic and took time out of your day to write about it <3

Carm said...

My sister Ashley is a big fan too, so when I pointed it out to her she was already "in the know" and impressed that I was reading it too.

I'm always glad to point people to great work out there in cyberspace and beyond.


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