Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Quite What I Was Planning

I'd first heard this book mentioned on someone's blog. I found a copy at the library awhile back and have finally had some time to explore the book. Can you describe your life in six words? That's what the editors of storytelling magazine SMITH asked readers in 2006. The book is a collection of those 6 word bios (some by famous people, some not). Here are some favorites (and the page numbers I found them on):

"Soul'd out so I could prophet." --Gotham Chopra (Deepak's son p 15)

"Watching quietly from every door frame." --Nicole Resseguie (1)

"Nobody cared, then they did. Why?" -- Chuck Klosterman (2)

"I asked. They answered. I wrote." --Sebastian Junger (3)

"I still make coffee for two." --Zak Nelson (7)

"Wolf! She cried. No one listened." --May Lee (6)

"Wasted time regretted so life reinvented." --Vicky Oppus (9)

"Followed white rabbit. Became black sheep." --Gabrielle Maconi (13)

"Strange name. Transparent shame. Instant fame." --Bumble Ward (16)

"I am still trying in every regard." --Lionel Shriver (16)

"Likes everything too much to choose." --Rachel Lindenthal (18)

"Wanted world. Got world plus lupus." --Liz Futrell (22)

"Barrister, barista, what's the diff, Mom?" --Abigail Moorhouse (27)

"Anything's possible with an extension cord." --Billy SIRR (28)

"Found love. Married someone else." --Bjorn Stromberg (30)

"Fight. like. hell. for. the. living." --Susie Bright (33)

"Blogging is easy. Writing is hard." --Jennifer Shreve (35)

"Macular degeneration. Didn't see that coming." --Ian Gould (36)

"Tow truck drivers are my psychiatrists." --Joanne McNeil (36)

"Lived in the moment until moment sucked." Janine Goss (39)

"Afraid of everything. Did it anyway." --Ayse Erginer (42)

"Montana Jew--drives Toyota; holsters pen." --Michael Finkel (44)

"Discovered moral code via Judy Blume." --Beth Greivel (59)

"My first concert: Zappa. Explains everything. --Janet Tashjian (71)

"Little bit Lucy, tempered by Ethel." --Tami Maus (107)

"Revenge is living well, without you." --Joyce Carol Oates (128)

"Lived like no tomorrow. Tomorrow came." --C.C. Keiser (139)

"The freaks, they always find me." --Ginger Lime (158)

"Palindromic novels fall apart halfway through." --Chuck Clark (164)

"Just a rockin' readin' knittin' kitten." --Emmeline Friedman (212)


minnemom said...

I love this book, but you leave me wondering . . . what's YOUR 6-word biography?

Carm said...

I could never be that concise...

Hey, there you go... that's it. six words. :)


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