Friday, February 06, 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Last Sunday, Marci and I indulged in a little Oscar-nominated film fun at my place. Vicky Cristina Barcelona was on the menu and we agreed--Woody Allen served up a sweet treat. We laughed. Shook our heads in surprise. Contemplated love and life... and love faced with the ever-present ex-wife. And felt that this film hit the right note. I love that it begins and ends at the airport. The final image of them departing sort of bookends their "wild adventure" in Barcelona. The two women seem so different, it was difficult, at times, to understand their friendship. However, as the story wore on, perhaps they were not so different after all.

Mmmmm... Brooding, sad, suicidal Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz). I usually don't like her as an actress, but I have to admit she's fantastic in Spanish. :)
This scene made me want to go, not to Barcelona, but to Granada where I felt I got to see this side of life for a couple days hanging out with some British and Irish ex-pat artists and language learners. It was great fun.

This was a great scene when Javier Bardem's character, Juan Antonio, propositions Vicky (Scarlett Johansson) and Cristina (Rebecca Hall). I love how Cristina just rips into him. She's bold and clearly NOT impressed.

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