Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas....

and all through the house...
the smell of PANIC was in the air.

I spent my evening of the 23rd in whirlwind of spastic energy.
Baking, packing, wrapping gifts... actually finishing MAKING some of my gifts...

I made Vonnies Caramel Glazed Popcorn for my Uncle Errol.
I made Grandma's favorite Caramel Puffcorn Curls for my dad and brother.
I made Sara's Homemade Turtles to bring to my dad's and to my aunt & uncle's on Christmas Day.
I made Mini Cheesecakes to bring to Christmas Day and to give my mom.
I made Lemon Dill Dip so I could guarantee the consumption of some fresh veggies at my dad's and as part of the Christmas day buffet.
And I packed all the ingredients for Anna's Colorful Bean Dip.

Whew I'm exhausted just remembering.

In the end, it all worked out (though I got very little sleep). The food was delish, recipes were exchanged and I managed to stay awake on the drive to north (in part through singing along to Brenda Lee's Christmas album and in part through knitting while I drove.)

Yes, I know. Knitting? Really?

Really. I used my knees to hold the wheel and only did it on the long straight stretches when there was no one immediately ahead of or behind me on the road. It may be perceived as dangerous but it takes a lot of concentration which kept me more wakeful than not. I believe that SLEEPING while driving is much worse!

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