Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Little Sugar on the Side*

Mom's lefse on Thanksgiving

Some of my lefse gear for last night

We had our annual staff potluck over the lunch hour today at school and what a feast it was. I am going to be running around looking for some of those tasty recipes! Mmmmmm. Unsure of what to bring, I asked for requests and a colleague insisted I make lefse. Fresh lefse.

Now my mom made some for Thanksgiving and so I knew I could pick up a few packs from the freezer there, but I also wanted to make some on my own this holiday season.

So, Tuesday night I prepared the potato mixture and stashed it in the fridge until Wednesday. I had a meeting after school and book club after the meeting. Still when I got home I proceeded to roll out and grill about 50 lefse rounds. I inadvertantly made a double batch by cooking too many potatoes. Yet, I survived, and the lefse? Well, it is delicious, if I do say so myself.

Here's a link to my recipe.

*Some foolish folks think lefse should be served with sugar on it. Today, I served it with butter and had a sugar bowl handy.

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