Monday, December 15, 2008


That's my new ornament saying hello! Every year I indulge in at least one Hallmark collectible (I'll show you THAT one later) and usually some other little tree trinket with special meaning. This year I may have overindulged. (sheepish grin)

I bought this little dinosaur simply because he made me smile with his delicate glittery purple hands and long eyelashes.

This shot is a preview of the Christmas images to come. I spent my entire stormy Sunday decorating my humble abode. I have four trees--five if you want to be technical. This little silvery one is making herself at home. I love her. VERY muchly.

Happy Growlidays.... oh wait, dinosaurs don't growl? Hmmmm.....


Yngvild said...

hi! are u still not getting any email notifications on comments on your blog? any idea what we can do to get it fixed? Like your xmas ornaments.. :)

Carm said...

Hello! Actually I got a notification on that one! I think it's working again. It's a Christmas miracle!


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