Sunday, December 07, 2008

It All Starts With Coffee.

Today I woke, before my alarm even rang, to the smells of rich Kenyan coffee. Mmmmm... Truly, this is the way it should be.

A few months back, my garage sale Braun coffee pot died and I started perusing the consumer reviews for the best coffee pot, one that is programmable. What I discovered? Regardless of price there is no one good coffee pot. Almost every highly rated product still had rather negative reviews and a lot of them.

After much deliberating I followed some sage advice and went cheap... so cheap that I did the Gevalia option. When you join their coffee club they send you two bags of gourmet coffee and a free coffee pot. Their offers are always different and I remember doing this in college and getting a puny 4 cup pot that served me well in dorm. However, now I wanted at least 10 cups, maybe 12. And I wanted to be able to interrupt the coffee to get a cup, because I'm impatient like that. And I wanted it to be programmable. And relatively inexpensive. I was skeptical. Yet, I got all that for $14.95 with free shipping and two bags of coffee. Yes, it was a sweet deal and I'm thanking my thrifty, coffee-loving friend for his advice right now! The offers change all the time, though. One day nearly the same thing was $30.00 plus shipping. Two days later, $14.95. It pays to wait for the one you want.

So, all weekend I've been able to wake leisurely, yet early enough to enjoy the morning. A morning spent snuggled in my red flannel sheets, sipping from my favorite Wonder Woman coffee mug, catching up on blogs through Google reader, playing Facebook Scrabble games with my favorite boy, blogging on my brand new blog, reading my book club book, knitting a dishcloth, and even resting a bit more when all that hard work has worn me down!

This is life. And I love it.

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