Saturday, December 06, 2008

Society Says "Get Married." Unless You're Gay.

As one of our nation's 90 million unmarried citizens, I've become inured to the social pressure to couple up--the backhanded insults and armchair psychoanalysis meted out by friends, co-workers, and well-meaning strangers at the bus stop whenever my marital status comes under scrutiny. And, believe me, I've heard it all. Selfish? Check. Immature? Check. Emotionally unstable? Check. Too picky for my own good? Check, check, and check. --Leslie Talbot

Check out her interesting Forbes article saying essentially when I've been saying for some time about being single. We live in a society determined to couple everyone up. Not only is it demeaning, but Talbot, would have us believe it's a socially acceptable, yet, nasty kind of discrimination.

On a slightly related note, be sure to watch the star studded Prop 8 Musical. It's a hilarious song and dance number about a very sobering issue. Watch it here.

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