Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two Movies.

With two gift certificates for Carmike Cinemas on the verge of expiration, I took in a double feature in an effort not to be "wasteful." I started with Four Christmases and, while it had a star studded cast, it wasn't all that great. I thought Reese Witherspoon was looking more lovely than ever, and I am a huge fan of Kristin Chenoweth, who played Witherspoon's sister.

I tend to see at least one "new" Christmas film a year and I have to say I've enjoyed Toot and Puddle's I'll be Home for Christmas (2007), The Holiday (2006), The Family Stone (2005), Elf (2003), Eloise at Christmastime (2003) and Love Actually (2003) more. Still, somehow I managed to miss out on ALL of my favorite Christmas movies this year. It's hard to believe the season is over and I didn't see White Christmas even once.

Though I am NOT a Jim Carrey fan, I still felt compelled to see Yes Man based on how much Emma liked the book by Danny Wallace. This was actually rather entertaining. I love Bradley Cooper dating back to his days on Alias. Man, I miss Alias. I also enjoyed Cooper and Zooey Deschnael in the film Failure to Launch. Deschanel is her typical atypical self and I love the fact that she sings in the film. I've really enjoyed her first album with M. Ward.

Aside from the cast, I liked the message of the film. I felt Carrey embraced the character and only let the Jim Carrey beast loose a few times in the film. I could overlook the annoying facial spasms and simply enjoy the idea of saying "YES" to life. I think that it is an admirable idea and I find that I've been saying NO far too much lately. Perhaps 2009 will be a year of yes.

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